Free single issue advice

As part of your PSSap membership you have access to free single issue advice.

Free single issue advice is designed to help you understand the basics of managing your super so you get the most out of your membership and achieve your personal financial goals.   

Free single issue advide is provided by an Industry Fund Services (IFS) financial planner. All advice is given solely for your benefit. 

Free single issue advice appointemnts are conducted over the phone. To book an appointment, call 1300 277 777. Once booked, your planner will call at a time that suits you. 

In order to make the most of your time, only one topic can be covered per call. For more comprehensive advice, see our fee for service advice

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the CSS and PSS defined benefit schemes, IFS is unable to provide a single issue advice service to you if you are a CSS, PSS or PSSap Ancillary member.