We are currently converting our forms into accessible electronic versions. These are designed to be highly compatible with assistive technologies and screen readers. If you require an accessible electronic form please proceed to Accessible electronic forms. If you are seeking a form that does not yet have an accessible electronic version, please call our Customer Information Centre on 1300 725 171 for assistance.

Benefit application

Form title Use this form to Product code

Early access – severe financial hardship [PDF 1 MB]

Benefit access for severe financial hardship


Early access – specified compassionate grounds [PDF 1 MB]

Benefit access for compassionate grounds


Withdrawing your super [PDF 875 KB]

Apply to withdraw all or part of your PSSap benefit or transfer it to another fund


Transfers to PSSap

Form title Use this form to Product code

Splitting your contributions [PDF 492 KB]

Use this form to provide us with instructions to split your contributions to be transferred into your spouse’s super fund.


Transfer from CSCri to PSSap [PDF 508 KB]


Transfers [PDF 843 KB]

Transfer other super into your PSSap account.



Form title Use this form to Product code

Extension of cover [PDF 810 KB]

Use this form if you intend on taking leave greater than 24 months to continue your cover under the current conditions .


Application and variation [PDF 1 MB]

Use this form to apply for or vary your lifePLUS cover or to advise of a salary change.


Transfer of cover [PDF 705 KB]

Use this form to transfer cover from another super fund into PSSap.


Please contact us on 1300 725 171 to request any other insurance forms or to notify of an insurance claim.


Form title Use this form to Product code

Investment choice [PDF 1 MB]

Choose your preferred investment option or mix of options.



Form title Use this form to Product code

Apply to join PSSap as an Ancillary Member [PDF 494 KB]

Apply to join the the PSSap as an Ancillary Member.


Binding beneficiary nomination form [PDF 5 MB]

Nominate your dependant(s) or legal personal representative to receive your benefit if you die


Change your personal details form [PDF 437 KB]

Notify PSSap of new personal details – name and contact details


Elect to become a PSSap member form [PDF 827 KB]

Elect to join PSSap if you are a temporary employee, casual employee or statutory office holder


Family law application for superannuation information [PDF 3 MB]

Request the trustee to provide certain account information to an eligible person


Family law – super splitting (base amount) [PDF 155 KB]

Re-allocate (in dollar terms) holdings in accordance with super split order


Family law – super splitting (percentage split) [PDF 155 KB]

Re-allocate (percentage split) holdings in accordance with super split order


Information about a non-member spouse form [PDF 831 KB]

Provide details of non-member spouse in relation to a super splitting order


Overpayment recovery statutory declaration [PDF 32 KB]

Provision of tax file number [PDF 893 KB]

Provide your tax file number to PSSap


Statutory declaration [PDF 124 KB]

Tax File Number Declaration [PDF 402 KB]

ATO Tax File Number Declaration Form

NAT 3092

Third Party Authority form [PDF 856 KB]

Give a third party the right to access your information or act on your behalf.


Voluntary contributions [PDF 791 KB]

Make a voluntary or spouse contribution by cheque.