lifePLUS cover

lifePLUS cover

As a PSSap member, you have access to insurance that is designed exclusively for you. lifePLUS cover can help provide protection against financial burdens if you become sick or injured and unable to work.

When you take up insurance through PSSap, you gain access to a collaborative support network and comprehensive coverage. We work closely with other government agencies to deliver a coordinated service designed to help you get back on your feet. We offer group insurance across the Australian Public Service (APS), and can negotiate the right level of cover and premiums for all Australian Government employees.

lifePLUS cover is a new approach to insurance, designed to support you when you need it most.

lifePLUS has two offerings: lifePLUS auto cover and lifePLUS choice cover.

lifePLUS auto logo

lifePLUS auto cover is the default insurance for new PSSap members.

Cover is available without having to complete any application forms or medical tests. Key features include:

  • Income Protection: benefits are paid for up to 5 years based on a 60 days Waiting Period.
  • Continuing super contributions: benefits can continue being paid into your super account if you suffer a disability.
  • Death and TPD cover: age-based Death and TPD cover.
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lifePLUS choice cover allows you to customise your insurance. Key features include:

  • Income protection: customise the period over which benefits are paid, and the Waiting period that applies before you receive a benefit.
  • Continuing super contributions: benefits can continue being paid into your super account if you suffer a disability.
  • Death and TPD cover: you can fix your age-based cover, so the amount of coverage you receive doesn’t change automatically each birthday before age 61.

New Members

Most new members will receive lifePLUS auto cover on joining. There are some exceptions:

  • if you are a casual member (including members on a contract of less than 3 months) you will need to opt into cover within 60 days of receiving your welcome letter (but no later than 180 days after the date you commence employment with your eligible employer)
  • if you are an Ancillary member you are not eligible for lifePLUS auto cover but you can apply for lifePLUS choice cover
  • members who are aged 65 and over

As a PSSap member you also have access to a range of flexible death, TPD and income protection cover options to meet your individual needs and situation, including applying for more cover, transferring cover from other super funds or shortening your waiting period for income protection.

New member also have 60 days from the date of their welcome letter to reduce or opt out of lifePLUS auto cover without incurring any premiums for the cancelled cover.

Apply today

Using our free insurance calculator called LIFEapp, you can quickly and easily:

For more information:

The Insurance and your PSSap Super booklet details in full

  • lifePLUS choice product offerings for death, TPD and income protection
  • definitions and key terms
  • underwriting
  • claims
  • beneficiary nominations

Members can access details of their current insurance cover by logging into PSSap Member Online.

AIA Australia Limited

Cover is provided by AIA Australia Limited (‘AIA Australia’ or ‘the Insurer') (ABN 79 004 837 861, AFSL 230043). The insurance policies are held on behalf of members by the trustee of the PSSap, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation.