lifePLUS cover FAQ

lifePLUS cover FAQ

This FAQ page will assist you with questions you may have regarding lifePLUS cover.

Do I need financial advice?

You do not have to obtain financial advice. However, the information in this website is general information only and has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider any advice in this website in light of your personal objectives, financial situation or needs before acting on it. You may wish to consult a licensed financial planner to do this. PSSap members have access to financial advice through CSC's authorised* financial planners.

* Our authorised financial planners are authorised to provide advice by Guideway Financial Services (ABN 46 156 498 538, AFSL 420367.). Guideway is a licensed financial services business providing CSC financial planners with support to provide members with specialist advice, education and strategies.

Why should I insure through PSSap?

PSSap insurance is designed exclusively with Australian Government employees in mind.

lifePLUS cover has been researched and developed over the past 2 years and is designed to help support PSSap members pay bills, put food on the table and cover the cost of medical treatment if you become sick or injured and unable to work.

Insurance through superannuation like PSSap can be one of the most cost-effective, as premiums are paid from your superannuation balance, so you don't have to forgo money from your weekly take-home pay. Joining PSSap may also give you more:

  • financial support for members while you undergo rehabilitation and training
  • access to a collaborative support network and comprehensive coverage through your PSSap super account

I'm a new member, what cover will I get?

Most new members will receive lifePLUS auto cover on joining. There are some exceptions:

  • if you are a casual member (including members on a contract of less than 3 months) you will need to opt into cover within 60 days of receiving your welcome letter (but no later than 180 days after the date you commence employment with your eligible employer)
  • if you are an Ancillary member you are not eligible for lifePLUS auto cover but you can apply for lifePLUS choice cover.
  • members who are aged 65 and over.

As a PSSap member you also have access to a range of flexible death, TPD and income protection cover options to meet your individual needs and situation, including applying for more cover, transferring cover from other super funds or shortening your waiting period for income protection.

New members also have 60 days from the date of their welcome letter to reduce or opt out of lifePLUS auto cover without incurring any premiums for the cancelled cover.

When does my lifePLUS cover begin?

For most eligible new members, lifePLUS auto cover begins on the day that you join the PSSap. Casual members, including members on a contract of less than 3 months, cover will begin the day we receive your election to opt into lifePLUS cover and salary details.

For members applying for cover, including Ancillary members, cover will be effective the day it is accepted by our insurer.

I am a preserved benefit member - can I get lifePLUS cover?

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You will be eligible for lifePLUS auto cover if:

  • You are a member of PSSap from an earlier period of APS employment (before 1 October 2016); and
  • You do not hold lifePLUS choice cover with PSSap at the time of taking up employment with an eligible employer after 1 October 2016.

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All PSSap members (who are at least 15 years of age and up to age 67 for income protection cover and age 70 for Death and TPD cover) are eligible to apply for lifePLUS choice cover including:

  • Permanent and non-ongoing contract employees;
  • Casual employees;
  • Ancillary members;
  • Preserved benefit members; and
  • Non-member spouse members (ie a person who becomes a PSSap member as a result of a family law court decision).

What happens to my cover if I leave the APS?

One of the most significant changes in the introduction of lifePLUS cover is allowing members to retain access to the benefits of insurance through PSSap, even if you leave the APS or decide to take a career break.

If you leave your employer to take up a job outside the APS, your lifePLUS cover will continue automatically.

The exception to this is if you ceased employment due to a sickness or injury or you are in the process of lodging a claim for sickness, disability or income protection benefits.

When we confirm you have left the APS, we will automatically convert your cover from lifePLUS auto cover to lifePLUS choice cover.

After you have left the APS, it will be your responsibility to let us know if your salary changes. If you don't keep us up to date, you may be paying higher premiums for a cover that you are no longer eligible for, or receive lower benefits that don't reflect what you are actually earning.

Question not answered here?

  • You can also get more information at one of our free seminars or webinars.
  • To help you understand more, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement including the Insurance and your PSSap Super booklet.
  • If you want assess your insurance needs and obtain a quote, check out our LIFEapp quote tool.
  • Or call 1300 725 171 to speak with our customer service team