Your choice

You can choose or change your investment strategy at any time. In your first 30 days of joining PSSap it costs you nothing to change your strategy for the first time.

You also receive two free switches each year; subsequent switches cost $20 each.

If you change your investment strategy for future contributions but do not switch options for your existing account, it counts as your first choice so switching costs do not apply.


Your default option – MySuper Balanced

Until you make your choice, your super will be invested in MySuper Balanced, the default investment option for PSSap members.

Before making any investment decision, please read your PSSap Product Disclosure Statement and consider professional advice for your situation.


Which option is right for me?

You may like to consider these questions for your situation:

  • What is my likely investment timeframe? In other words, how long until you retire and begin to access your benefit? Is it a short or long time?
  • What level of investment earnings do I seek? The higher the potential earnings you may receive, the greater the potential investment volatility – which means the greater the likelihood that your earnings will be negative from time to time.
  • What level of investment risk can I tolerate? The key point to remember is that different investment options provide different levels of risk; you must decide which option and level of risk you are most comfortable with.


How do I make my choice?

Login to PSSap Member Online or use our Investment choice [PDF 1 MB]. We’ll confirm in writing when your investment change is complete.