lifePLUS election window has now closed

Posted 5 September 2016 9:31am

From October 2016, all existing PSSap members will be transferred to either lifePLUS auto, or lifePLUS choice, depending on their current level of cover and Insurance Category (more information is available on the Significant Event Notice page)

The window for accepting insurance elections relating to the new lifePLUS cover changes (for PSSap members who were classified as Insurance Category 1 or 2) has now closed.

Insurance restrictions now in place

In accordance with the Significant Event Notice issued in July 2016, restrictions around the processing of insurance transactions are now in effect. PSSap will not be processing most requests to change insurance until all members have been migrated to the new insurance design from October 2016. The exception to this is requests to cancel ALL cover.

Please contact us on 1300 725 171 if you have any questions in relation to your insurance arrangements.

Amending legislation—lifePLUS cover income protection super contribution (15.4%)

Amending legislation for the provision of the 15.4% superannuation contribution component of the lifePLUS income protection benefit has now been signed.

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