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PSSap members can get Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and Income Protection cover through their government superannuation.

Protect your future 

How long could you pay your living expenses if you became sick or injured and were unable to work? And in the event of your death, would your family have enough money to live on? To protect you financially, a range of insurance options are available:

  • Death and TPD and Income Protection; or
  • Death and TPD only; or
  • Death only; or
  • Death and Income Protection; or
  • Income Protection only.

Are you covered?

If you have not changed cover in the past, you probably hold a default level of cover. View your Death and TPD and Income Protection cover options.

Default cover for new members

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lifePLUS auto cover is the default insurance for new PSSap members.

Cover is available without having to complete any application forms or medical tests. Key features include:

  • Income Protection: benefits are paid for up to 5 years based on a 60 days Waiting Period.
  • Continuing super contributions: benefits can continue being paid into your super account if you suffer a disability.
  • Death and TPD cover: age-based Death and TPD cover.