How super is taxed

Save at a low rate

Your PSSap super is a tax-effective way to save for retirement.

Super is currently taxed in three ways:

  1. contributions going into a fund
  2. investment earnings of a fund
  3. tax may be payable on the benefits you receive from a fund.

Pay less tax

Although it is not compulsory to provide us with your tax file number (TFN), you may pay tax at higher rates on your employer contributions if you do not provide your TFN and we cannot accept personal (after tax) contributions from you.

Learn more about TFNs

Tax and your PSSap super booklet

Read the Tax and your PSSap super [PDF 610 KB]booklet to learn about:

  • how your contributions into super can be taxed
  • tax on your PSSap lump sum benefit
  • the tax components of your lump sum benefit
  • tax on PSSap death benefits
  • tax and income protection payments
  • supplying your TFN
  • super co-contribution
  • super contributions surcharge tax
  • low income contributions
  • the reduction in tax concessions for high income earners.
Get expert help

Tax in super is very complex and subject to change from time to time.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend you refer to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website for more information. You may wish to seek advice on the tax of your PSSap super from a licensed professional, such as a financial planner or an accountant.

See the ATO website for more information on tax and super.