New job, same great super fund

Good news. Shortly, PSSap members who no longer work for an APS eligible employer will be able to receive their new employer’s contributions into PSSap and remain a PSSap contributing member.

For more details, eligibility requirements and the latest updates, please see New job, same great super fund.

What can you do?

Non-contributor means you no longer contribute to PSSap. That’s because you:

  1. ceased working for a PSSap participating employer, or
  2. opted for your super contributions to be paid to a different fund, either when you started work with a participating employer or during that employment.

What you can do with PSSap now is determined by your current employment situation.

Do you still work for a participating employer?

Yes – I still work for a participating employer (ie I’m in the APS)

You can join or rejoin PSSap at any time, even if you chose a different fund before.

No – I don’t work for a participating employer (ie I left the APS)

Then you can’t contribute to PSSap. To contribute again to PSSap you must be employed by a participating employer (eg rejoin the APS).

What can you do?What can't you do?
  • choose investment options

  • manage your account online

  • vary your lifePLUS cover to suit your need. You will need to remember to keep your salary updated if you hold income protection

  • contribute to PSSap again by beginning employment with a PSSap participating employer (eg rejoin the APS)

  • nominate a beneficiary or maintain your current beneficiary nomination.


  • contribute to PSSap

  • transfer money in from another fund


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